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We offer traditional dance classes for males and females of ages 4 and up.
Coming soon : Tahitian drumming and music classes.

Our very first performance will be at

PURE ALOHA IN April 2020

Date is to be determined

We use our years of experience to incorporate different types of teaching.

Tahitian culture is so diverse that we try to incorporate all these different aspects in a class. We can’t learn how to dance without going through all these other subjects along with it.

“Ori Tahiti” is the name used for tahitian dancing. It has a lot of different types of moves. We go through all the names of the moves and how to execute them properly and memorize them. We like to work on a dancer’s technique and stamina to get them ready for the next step which is performing.

‘Himene’ is the tahitian word for singing. In the tahitian culture they have several stypes of singing that we incoporate to our classes because we believe that singing help students feel the music and live the moment. The singing part includes the language and the music side of the culture but it also help us with the meaning of the number or song. We take time to teach everyone the songs they perform along with important songs like the Tahitian anthem, prayers and more.

In Tahiti we speak both French and Tahitian (Reo Tahiti). It is important to learn the language to understand the people and songs so our dance moves reflect each word or phrase. Classes will be taught in French, Tahitian and English as they do in Tahiti. We will go over pronunciation as it can be very tricky for both languages but eventually students can understand the main topic of a song by learning the meanings of certain words and it becomes more and more natural for them.

Tahitian music involves numerous drums and instrument of all types and creates several styles of music from an OTE’A (drumming) to a MEHURA (slow with instruments)… Learning how to drum or play an instruments helps with rythm and emotions while dancing. Drumming and music together is the heartbeat of our culture.

Shows and performances in general are what we all look forward to. The students get to experience the stage and also Demonstrate Mets share what they all have been working on in class. We love to see everyone shine on stage and we teach Choreography that is linked to the songs and music played. Shows are definitely fun and exciting for everyone.

For students who want to develop their skill as a dancer comptetition is an option that is offered. Students can participate as a soloist or in a group. This next level of dancing requires attaining your on style while adhering to rules and regulations. We have a lot of experience in group competitions and we will decide when our group is ready to take this next step. It is a very intense and exciting time for everyone to experience and we would like to support more competitions out there.

Private Classes

(one on one sessions)

Please inquire

Cost is $30 per hour.

One on one classes will be focused around sharpening basic dance moves and choreography. Students will learn more advanced moves and techniques as well as preparing them for future competitions.





Our goal

Our mission as teachers and mentors of our group Te Nati is to stay true to our name. We are the link and connection we have within the Polynesian islands as well as the attachment we have with the Tahitian culture here in america.

Julie Manea Charles - pupuoritenati.com

I was blessed to be born and raised on the island of Tahiti so I was exposed to the culture everyday and everything comes naturally as it is my culture and part of who I am but I believe that the influence of the Ori Tahiti came from my mother and my grand mother as they both were dancers. I took a lot of different types of dance classes as a kid from Ballet to modern jazz and much more and I also grew up in my mom’s classroom so her teaching skills automatically poured on me. I don’t condone hatred and strive to be the most loving and understanding teacher I can be. I want to make a difference in a person’s life with more than just a lesson to teach. I believe God gave me the gift of teaching and I will try my very best to answer the calling he has for me. I enjoy teaching crafts, dance and the language the most and can’t wait to share it all with you

Auntie "Joowie" (Julie)

Founder & Director of Pupu 'Ori Te Nati

With the direct connections we have to the tahitian culture through internet and workshops, we have not only learned more about dance and language but we created a kinship with our friends from Tahiti. With humility in my herart, it is my goal to spread the love and knowledge they share with us. I want to be an example for all the dancers and musicians here in america. I want to show them I was in their shoes before, and not to be afraid to ask and seek more knowledge but to ask with a humble heart and love and humility your intentions will always be genuine. For the little ones, I want to show them the joy and honesty to be a child. I want to show them it’s ok not to grow up so fast and it’s ok just to be a “kid”. I want them to be able to laugh if they make a mistake, or it’s ok if they feel shy and don’t want to do solos yet. The origins of tahitian dance was supposed to be fun and carefree. We must go back to showing children that tahitian dance isn’t a sport but something that you love coming to when you want to have fun and be yourself. In the teens and adult classes, my goal is to spread my knewledge that was passed down to me that made me the dancer who I am today. Whether they have aspirations of becoming a group leader or simply just to enjey the escape during the week to let loose and relieve the stress, I will make sure dedicate my full attention. In the drumming/orchestra class, I hope to archieve writing our own chants and himene. Custom pehes for competitions and writing our own Aparima’s, pao’a, hivinau.

Uncle Johnny - pupuoritenati.com

Uncle "Jonny" (Jonathan)

Instructor of Pupu 'Ori Te Nati

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