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I began dancing at the age of 5. I have taken part in several dance schools including: Raiatea Nui, Tamariki Poerani (with Makau Foster), and Vital California. From there I began dancing professionally at the age of 15 with Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti (with Lorenzo Schmidt, Tumata Robinson and Teiki Villant) for several years touring the world and doing hotel gigs before finding my mentor Tiare Trompette with Hei Tahiti. Aside from the hotel shows, TV shows, and boat shows, Tiare influenced me to become a teacher by letting me teach under her wing in middle schools and various places. Once I moved to Las Vegas I had the chance to teach for Tevakanui for several years and then Rau Tama Nui for almost 8 years. Since then I have decided to follow my dream and open my very own dance school PUPU ORI TE NATI !!! I am eager to teach more people and am so blessed to have touched so many already!

Julie Manea Charles

Auntie Joowie

Started dancing Ori Tahiti and hula at the age of 13 with ‘Ote’a Api under the direction of the Manaois family for many years. The Polynesian culture has been in my family for over 30 years starting with my uncle who danced for the group Tiare ‘Ote’a. Competed in hula and Tahitian in various dance competitions in America, as well as Tahiti and won Overall tane dancer I had the privilege to teach ori for 4 years and then pursued my dreams as a tattoo artist. I have recently toured with the legendary group Temaeva of Tahiti. I now reside in Las Vegas where I continue to spread my love for the tahitian culture through art, music and dance.

Jonathan Ludovico

Uncle Jonny

Julie Manea Charles - pupuoritenati.com

I would like to thank the Genilla’s for welcoming me with arms wide open and allowing me to teach in Rau Tama Nui for all these years and the constant guidance. They are my family and I will forever be thankful for everything we have been through together.


I also would love to acknowledge The George’s for being the reason I moved to Las Vegas and introducing me to most of the Polynesian community here and mostly my amazing husband and giving me the opportunity to teach within their school Tevakanui and taking me in as family. They are a big influence in mine and my husband’s life and we’re forever grateful for them.

I would like to thank my very talented cousin Jenny for her amazing work creating Te Nati’s website and bringing new ideas always respecting my wishes. She was very fast and also available. Thank you.

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The Team


The Team

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Hello ! my name is Airi, and I am excited to be a part of Pupu ‘Ori Te Nati (POTN) as an accountant. I was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan but I have been residing in Las Vegas for the last 13 years. I currently work for Valley Health where I have been the finance/accounting lead for the past 6 years. I look forward to assisting our POTN families with billing/payment questions and needs.

Airi Vestuto

Hi I’m Jacky. I Started sewing clothes for my Dolls as a hobby at the age of 10 and since then I have grown to love this craft. When I got involved in dancing hula and ‘Ori Tahiti I had to make my own costumes and I loved the creativity that went into the process of creation. From Then, my passion for sewing and dancing blossomed.

Jacky Hernandez

”After 30 years in the entertainment industry, creating costumes for film, television and stage, Yolan now works exclusively with private clients. She is the flight suit tech/creator at an Indoor Skydiving wind tunnel, where she enjoys flying, and in her free time, enjoys various outdoor activities.”

Yolan Campbell

Our Helpers

‘Ia ora na! My name is Abigail. I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I started hula dancing at first when I was 6 years old. Then Tahitian dancing came to picture and I started Tahitian dancing at the age of 8. I started learning from Julie and ever since, dancing plays a huge role in my life. I would love to spread on the culture and tradition through anybody I encounter.

Abigail Dean

Greetings everyone ! My name is Casey.
I am filipino-american and I was raised in Las Vegas. I have been dancing my whole life but I got  involved in ori tahiti when I was 11. Dance has played a huge role in my life and I am eager to share my love for the tihitian culture with you all !

Caseylynn Silang

Hello ! My name is Kaya.
I am involved in many forms of dancing including hip hop, jazz, and pom with my middle and high school dance teams. I started dancing Ori Taiti in 2013 at the age of 9 with Julie.  Tahitian dance has always been a focal point in my life and I am excited to share my passion with others.

Kaya Vestuto

Hello ! My name is Kiana.
I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui. I started dancing Ori Tahiti at 8 years old on Maui, moved to Vegas & continued with a few other dance groups. Dancing has always been my passion & I am so excited to share my passion and the polynesian culture with everyone

Kiana Williams

Hey ! My name is Kristel.
I was born on the island of Maui. I moved to Las Vegas and started dancing Ori Tahiti at age 5. I started learning from Julie since 2012 and gladly till this day. Tahitian dancing has been a huge part of my life and I am so excited to continue my journey.

Kristel Mayol

Aloha ! My name is Nani.
I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui. I started dancing hula at five years old and Ori Tahiti at 8 years old. Dancing has been a huge aspect of my life and I love to share the polynesian culture with those around me.

Nani Kitashima

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