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Pupu 'Ori Te Nati

Tahitian Dance School

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Why Pupu ‘Ori Te Nati


Te Nati

Pupu Ori Te Nati means “Te Nati dance school". The word Te Nati means The Link in Tahitian it is such a simple yet powerful word by its meaning. We are linked to our ancestors throughout the cultural heritage they left us along with the link of family we share with our loved ones and again this link between a teacher and its students! We are also linked to all Polynesians (Hawaiians, Maoris... and more)

Our logo

The shape of our logo is a triangle which represents the Polynesian triangle and all the islands within it. The triangle pointing down signifies always staying rooted to our ancestors. The motif in the middle of the triangle represents us as one. The braid design surrounding us is very important because it protects us and keeps us strong, it's the link that makes us all connected. The left motif represents family, the right represents my island home of Tahiti and the last motif represents our students.


We offer Tahitian dance classes for all and much more.

Date and time for all classes during the week

Iaorana, I am Julie Manea Charles, Founder and Director of Pupu ‘Ori Te Nati (POTN).  But my students call me “Auntie Joowie”. Can’t wait to dance with you all !

“Ia orana everyone! I’m Jonathan, the instructor of Tamaroa / tane students. My students call me “Uncle Jonny” hope to meet you soon.

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